Company name KENIS LIMITED
Establishment May, 1947
Representative Masafumi Nishimatsu, President & C.E.O
Head Office 7-28 Tenma 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0043, JAPAN
Web-Site: https://www.kenis.co.jp
Capital Eighty Million Japanese Yen
Employees 125 (as of April, 2018)
Branches (6) Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Sendai


Ever since the company's establishment, KENIS LIMITED has been the leading company in developing and supplying scientific products for education. Furthermore, we have been expanding our business to the field of laboratory equipment since 1985. Fortunately, we have achieved in obtaining good reputation from a lot of science educators and various kinds of scientists, owing to our continuous efforts to meet demands and offer solutions for schools and laboratories. All of our staffs will keep our hard works in order to contribute to this rapidly-growing world.



We develop and wholesale all kinds of products for science room in schools.
We are very pleasure to support our customers to bring many students the feeling of how attractive science is.

・About Our Products

We have a wide range of science products for primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and even universities.

・About Our Survice

We not only provide useful teaching materials for science classes, but also support teachers with special activities.

・About Educational Market

We are very close to the Board of Education of all over Japan, and provide attractive science kits to both public and private schools.

Laboratory & Industry

We are always lookout for changing information around the needs of the diversified researchers, and are very honor to suggest excellent loboratory environment with wide range of products.

・Biotechnology- Developing and suggesting labooratory equipments for the diversified and subdivided research fields (such as microscopes, tissue culture apparatus, analysis devices).

・Manufacturing Industry- We supply wide range of measuring instruments and inspection devices for various kinds of production lines.

・Environmental Field- We totally support the studies of environmental subjects such as global warming and renewable energies.

・Laboratory Field- We contribute to the improvement of research work environment by offering experimental facilities with high efficiency and safety.

・Trainee Program- We give suggestions for basic trainings at universities.


We are seeking for new supply sources of any new products which we shall be able to add to our present sales program for re-sale to our own domestic market. In the meantime, we are also looking for distributors overseas who can undertake sales promotion of range of our products. We would be grateful if we could be of any assistance to you or your business.
Any of your responses would be highly appreciated.

Contact Information

TEL : +81-6-4800-0723
FAX : +81-6-6882-9269
E-mail : hasegawa@kenis.co.jp